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The District’s First “Artist in Residence”

Stephanie Schlatter This summer marked Crystal River Outfitters Recreational District’s (CRORD) first “Artist in Residence”.  Stephanie Schlatter, a landscape painter that lives between Leelanau and Grand Rapids was thrilled with the opportunity.  “I love to paint plein air, which means outside, on location”, shared Schlatter.  “It’s the driving force of my work.”

Teaming up with Crystal River Outfitters was a natural fit for Schlatter to be the “Artist in Residence”.  Both are focus on the outdoors with a passion for the “Most Beautiful Place in America”.  In 2013, the partnership formed when the M22 store in Glen Arbor began selling her M22 series of work.

Schlatter and her husband purchased a home on Little Traverse Lake in 2017 which provided her the opportunity to explore the area much deeper.  “I fell even more in love with the Crystal River and Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail, and discovered more beautiful finds around the area”, shared Schlatter.  As a result, her expeditions drove her desire to paint all of the places surrounding the Crystal River.

In July, Schlatter spent a week as artist in resident doing just that.  At the end of the week, M22 Patio hosted a “wet paint” sale featuring Schlatter’s art for sale while she created one last piece of entertainer Blake Elliott as she crooned to the wine-sipping, art-loving crowd.

At the end of the week, Stephanie posted, “It’s been an extraordinary week painting the areas where our paths cross.  As an artist and business (CRORD), both deeply connected to the land.”

Visit M22 store to purchase some of Stephanie’s work or visit her website at StephanieSchlatterArt.  We look forward to continuing the Artist in Residence program in the future!

M22 Wine Patio at Crystal River Outfitters Recreational DistrictWet Paint Sale with Artist in Residence Stephanie Schlatter

Stephanie Schlatter Orignal PaintingsStephanie Schlatter Paints Entertainer Blake Elliott


Live Painting on M22 Wine Patio

Live Painting with Stephanie SchlatterStephanie Schlatter Plein Air Artist


Blake Elliott Painting by Stephanie Schlatter