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Biking for Health

The CycleryWe love our four seasons in Northern Michigan.  But, it’s no secret that the winters can be long, spring can occur in a blink of an eye, summers are glorious, and fall is a delight.  Even when weather is a bit less than desirable, biking is a great option to get out, get physical, and enjoy whatever Mother Nature has served up.

May is National Bike Month and a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the health benefits that biking only two-four hours per week can provide.

Here are our top 5 reasons: (source Better Health Channel)

  1. Low impact – cycling provides less impact on joints helping to prevent injuries typically caused by other forms of exercise.
  2. Great muscle workout – biking engages several major muscle groups providing a well-rounded workout while improving strength and stamina similar to other aerobic workouts.
  3. Time-efficient – cycling can be incorporated into your daily routine and perhaps be used as a mode of transportation and replace the sedentary time driving.
  4. Fun! – Who doesn’t love the adventure of exploring new trails like the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail that currently spans nearly 19 miles from Empire to north of Glen Arbor near the Port Oneida District? Coast the hills, experience nature, and feel the wind through your hair. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face.


So keep reminding yourself of the great benefits to keep yourself motivated to get out and ride, even when the weather isn’t perfect.  Having the right gear on hand or at your fingertips is critical to enjoyment.  The Cyclery provides a new fleet of rentals: Jamis Explorers for adults known as a practical, comfort sporting bike.  Kids will enjoy the Jamis Citizen bikes that provide a comfort and mobility for the newest cyclists.

Have your own bike? No problem.  Be sure to have it tuned up or take advantage of the many accessories offered in our cycle shop – including tag-a-longs, helmets and baskets.

Linus BikesLooking for a new bike?  We stock a variety of Comfort and Hybrid bikes from Bianchi, Linus , Jamis,  and KHS.  All are perfect for cruising around town or riding on the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail.  The Cyclery can also special order bicycles manufactured by these companies.  If you’re looking for a new ride for the Leelanau Conservancy’s new Palmer Woods Trail  – come and; see us about order an industry leader Pivot Mountain Bike!   Whatever your pleasure, we can keep you biking for years to come.

Don’t forget clothing.  Sure, if you’re not going far or fast and the weather’s good, you won’t need any special clothing.  But you do want to be sure you are comfortable. Often that is achieved by dressing in layers and in clothing that supports movement and will properly handle sweat.  Visit our four stores at Crystal River Outfitters for the latest fashions to keep you comfortable.

And, get out and bike!