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Top 5 Reasons to Shop Local

Demands of everyday life have us all looking for easier ways to accomplish tasks and chores.  Especially, the dreaded ones.   SHIPT provides a personal shopper.  Amazon simply has everything.  And, then there is PRIME which ships Amazon items freaky fast to your door and for FREE!  But is the convenience really all that better, always?

We encourage you to shop local, especially with the holidays just around the corner.  Here are some reasons why:

Top Five Reasons to Shop Local

  1. Shopping local is environmentally friendly. Yes, you are likely still driving to the store (unless you live right in Glen Arbor!), but consider these factors.  Many people don’t drive alone to shop.  The average purchases per trip are four, therefore reducing the cost miles driven per item.  Online purchases have a higher return rate (33% vs. 7% in store) because of size, quality and the like.  Shipping  requires additional packaging and transportation related impacts.
  2. Economic Stimulus.  Locally owned businesses tend to keep 68% of their earnings also supporting the local community.  This occurs through employment wages, local business services such as marketing, accounting and printing and support of other local organizations such as schools.
  3. Support year round employment.  Small businesses are the largest employers nationally.  Providing year round, sustainable employment for the local community reduces the need for longer commutes and the carbon footprint associated with it.
  4. Wide, unique selection…often one-of-a-kind items.  Local vendors have the opportunity to seek out unique merchandise in small lots.  You can expect to see a large variety of items that wouldn’t be found in larger retail or big box stores.  And, the merchandise is replaced more frequently throughout the year.
  5. Try before you buy!  There is something to be said about satisfying your sense – sight, sound, touch, smell.  Wouldn’t  you prefer to feel a soft, plush fleece?  Check the stitching of a rain proof coat?  You can be assured of quality while guaranteeing a proper fit.

As owners and managers of Crystal River Outfitters Recreation District, we are committed to providing quality merchandise by top brands that represent active lifestyles for all seasons.  Our staff is committed to making you feel welcome, providing quality service, and assisting you with your shopping experience.  We look forward to seeing you in the District.   #ShopLocal #ExperienceGlenArbor