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Sole Mate

Our feet can be considered the “workhorses” of our bodies.  Whether you’re logging the recommended 10,000 steps per day (that’s 5 miles!) or not, it’s important that we take care of our feet to avoid problems later.  Basic care is critical and includes the obvious: good cleaning, moisturizing, and protecting for cuts, sores or swelling.  But carefully planning what houses your feet, day-to-day, is key as well.

WebMD recommends avoiding tight fitting shoes that could hurt.  While they caution against flip flops, their main concern is arch support.  Another recommendation, rotate your shoes – so you’re not wearing the same pair every day.  More shoes you say?  Music to my ears.

Let’s take a quick look at some of our favorite footwear carried throughout the District and how they made the cut to being what we call a great “sole mate”.

Rainbow Sandals 

What started as quest to develop the world’s best sandal in 1974, has culminated into a brand that makes some 2,000,000 sandals per year.  Their products are made all by hand and using specially formulated sponge rubber with “memory” that mold to your feet.  We also love that they give back to dozens of schools and organizations.


Talk about a company who gives back, TOMS was founded on the business model that for every pair of shoes purchased a pair of new shoes would be donated to a child in need.  As a result, since 2006, TOMS have given over 60 million pairs to children in need and now they’ve expanded their efforts to include “Gift of Sight”, “Clean Water” and more.  Not only do we love the mission, we love the brand.  What started out as a simple, canvas or cotton fabric slip on with a flexible sole has developed into stylish sandals, wedges, and sneakers.  We love the style, we love the comfort, and we love the cause.


Heading to the beach?  Havaianas are fun, versatile, and comfy especially while you’re walking through the sand or combing the beach for Petoskey stones.  There are the solid colored, good ‘ole standbys and some fun expressive colors and prints.  And kids can show of their playful personalities with colors, prints and even poms.


One of our new lines is perfect for active folks.  Forsake was developed by two friends who had recently moved to the Rockies and experienced less than adequate footwear for their active lifestyles.  In 2012, they decided to develop their own more rugged and reliable pair of sneakers.  Their all-weather collections provide style and comfort for an active adventurous person.  Their brand carefully blends technology and sturdy construction with “versatile styling” meaning they are great for a hike and appropriate for a night out.

While we’re just highlighting a few of our brands here.  It’s possible that you’ll find your sole mate with one of  these or a variety of other options like Chaco, Olukai & Sperry, which we carry as well.  Stop into Coastal and Crystal River Outfitters to find your perfect sole mate.  And, be sure to sign up for our enews to receive updates and special offers.