M22 Challenge Rentals 2020

Rentals for the 2020 M22 Challenge will begin March 1 at 8 am!

Once you get registered for the M22 Challenge, please visit our website to reserve your kayak, bike or SUP.

Kayaks – $40 (includes paddle, lifejacket, delivery).
The majority of our boats are Loon 111s (A very traditional river kayak) Boats are not assigned, but given on a first come, first serve basis. Immediately after exiting their bike, racers with a kayak rental sticker will enter the kayak rental corral (we will give them a sticker to adhere to their race bib on packet pickup night that designates that they rented a kayak- this allows them to enter the kayak rental corral), they grab a boat and head to the water. Paddles and lifejackets will be in the boat. Kayakers do not have to wear the lifejacket, but it must remain in the boat. We do have some longer, larger boats, but can’t guarantee who gets those.

Road Bikes – $60 plus tax (includes helmet and delivery).

Hybrids – $30 plus tax (includes helmet and delivery)

11’ SUPs – $45 plus tax (includes paddle, lifejacket, delivery)

There are no refunds due to the large amount of logistics that go into planning such an event.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]!

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